Polly Farrington and Chris Harris hosted this but MANY people volunteered to share apps we can all use as part of our teaching!

What's a Tech Smackdown?

"There's an app for that!" Have you found yourself saying that lately? Have you found a great tool, app or tech service that you can't live without? That your teachers and students love? Take 2 minutes and share it with your colleagues at the Tech Smackdown. Sign up with Polly Farrington during the day on Monday for the 7pm Tech Smackdown. Fun, fast and furious learning! (Or sign up online) NOTE: This link now goes to a Google Doc of the tools used! Polly preloaded the apps here:

What kind of apps, tools & services? Digital storytelling, bibliography tools, digital editing, creativity tools, social bookmarking, research tools, note taking, tech tutorials, services that help your students create and connect, improve their skills, make your life easier .... you get the picture!

Bring your best and share with the rest at the Tech Smackdown!

Added links and apps!

CraniumCoRE to motivate reading. Recommended by Deb Svec, Palm Beach (FL) Gardens High School, who followed the Retreat from Facebook: